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Alicia Marocs Birong head shot


Alicia Marcos Birong is the founder and owner of Guided Choices and ChatterGirls.
She is a speaker, trainer, counselor, and life coach.

Alicia became interested in the transformative abilities of people and her special skills to help them, while she was executive director for a halfway house for women. Alicia continued her education and completed a Master of Counseling degree, while she was a youth minister in parish, diocesan and national positions. She was a recipient of the McHenry County Hero’s Award, given to residents who have made a marked contribution to their community. She is traveling the country speaking for many different organizations, parents and children’s groups she continues to build national and international organizations.

More recently, Alicia has been a trainer in both fields and was the director of a hypnotherapy school that offered an exclusive children hypnosis component that she designed. She is a pioneer in the field of children mindfulness and has developed techniques that she uses and trains others.

Alicia has grown ChatterGirls locally and nationally. This was created for 8-14 year old girls to create and establish a solid foundation for self- empowerment to carry them through their teenage years and beyond into adulthood. This program goes beyond the limits and boundaries of the normal public education system to assist young girls in developing life skills for becoming confident, strong young women. ChatterGirls is about Celebrating, Happy, Aspiring, Truthful, Thoughtful, Empower, Responsible Girls. And we want to spread the CHATTER to more girls. She is also the author of Changing the Chatter: Help Your Daughter Look Beyond the Mirror for Self-Esteem.


Smiling Woman

Patti N.

Alicia uses real life examples and situations in her teachings, making the topics relatable and interesting. Since completing my certification, Alicia continues to check in, mentor and give feedback. Her support is genuine and her passion for coaching and mentoring is undeniable.

Confident Woman

Tanya B.

The program was very thorough and the content was very educational and informative. I feel fortunate to learn from an experienced teacher, speaker, and coach with over 20 years of experience. Alicia has helped me launch my coaching business and she really cares for her students. She is still there for me if I need advice or assistance months later. I highly recommend her program.

Smiling Woman

Debra B.

Her dedication is quite evident in the techniques and small classroom environment which focuses on each individual.  This growth could only be achieved by the personal attention and life long experience that Alicia has mastered.  I strongly recommend Alicia for those looking for rewarding relationships and a bright future in the field of professional life coaching.

Playful Woman

Mary J.

Alicia is inspiring, and a fun teacher. This is the most fun I have had going to school and I feel we benefit greatly from her many years of experience of life coach practice...

This training is a must do for anyone wanting to help others get out of their own way and thrive.

Professional Woman

Suzanne B.

...If we build our understanding, we will have hope for the ability to guide them as life moves forward.


I basically just want to thank you for making this available to me as I was quite called to hear the messages it contained.

Confident Woman

Maureen G.

Learning from Alicia gave me an inside to being a Life coach which identify with my goals as a coach


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