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News Segments

These clips are here to help you fill some gaps in your news programming schedule. Whenever Alicia is interviewed for a short 2-4 minute segment, we make a generic version that you can download and use for your own station.

You have the right to overlay your own graphics and photos to customize the video for your own station's look and feel.

All photos used are royalty free, provided by or and are also available for download.

Recording Time

Anxiety signs & Tips for parents

Alicia Marcos Birong
Author, "Changing the Chatter"

Alicia discusses 5 signs to watch for with child anxiety, and 6 tips for helping with anxiety.

Original version aired NBC News 4 San Antonio

To have this segment sent via another option, or to schedule Alicia to be on your programming live to discuss this topic or another topic concerning the mental health of children, please reach out to our media department.


Brian Sly, Media Director (810.955.3744)

Madeleine Hurley, Social Media Coordinator (224.237.0043)

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