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A Mirror is more than a reflection

nWhat does a mirror signify to your daughter? For me as a young girl, it signified the negative appearance and thoughts I carried with me each day. The mirror was something I avoided.

For today’s young girls the mirror is not the only reflection she has of herself. She also has to struggle with smartphones and social media. The difference for today’s young girls is the vulnerability can be instant and often cannot be removed.

Today’s technology can deliver bullying that is relentless and powerful. It is hard enough moving through puberty, but the abuse from others can sometimes be depilating.

It is as if we have looked in the mirror and let someone else tell us what we look like and who we are.

Instead, what if there is an opportunity to look beyond that mirror and see who we can be, moving beyond the judgements?

I work with the girls in my ChatterGirls program and provide them with potent tools that go beyond the mirror, the smartphone or the social media. I empower them to find their own strengths that make a difference in their life’s journey.

“As I think about the image that I see in the mirror, I will remember that does not reflect the person within. I have power to change, as well as to accept and embrace myself for who I am.”

Alicia Birong


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