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Being a Parent is One of the Most Important Things You Will Accomplish in Your Life

Being a parent is one of the most important things you will accomplish in your life. It is a season that never ends, and at the same time, is constantly shifting and adjusting. The reward at the end of those long days are immeasurable and irreplaceable. The lives of our children are full of ups and downs as their lives change and adjust, and as parents, we want to be able to help them in these seasons of transitions. Some challenges are not always within our knowledge, and your child may need a coach to help you and your child through some of life’s hardest transitions.

It may be that an independent ear that is not so emotionally invested can help bring order to the every-day chaos and emotional needs of your child. Or as a parent, you know you need someone else’s opinion and outside observations.

  1. When a young boy cannot get out of the car because his anxiety is overwhelming

  2. The time when your daughter came home and said I hate me

  3. Teachers contact you and say your child is lying or stealing

  4. Your child is bullied, or your child is the bully

  5. The sensitivity of your child’s emotions are causing pain in their lives

  6. The grades are slipping and it does not seem to be an academic issue

  7. Your child has no self-esteem or self-confidence and it is getting worse

  8. There are no “I cans” in their lives to celebrate and they just keep telling you about the “I cant’s”

What if you had someone who trains others and has been working with children for over 40 years? Someone who believes her role in lives, no matter how small, is to give all children that touch her life a chance at celebrating their uniqueness, while assisting parents along the way?

“Our daughter has made major improvements in her school work. Since seeing Alicia she is significantly better. Her teacher has seen major improvements with grades and marks on effort” -M.M.Barlet
“Parenting isn’t easy but working with Alicia has helped me be a better single parent”
“I really appreciate the speed and accuracy with which Alicia was able to identify my sons problems. My son has much more self-confidence since working with Alicia. Our son is so much happier and it has impacted our family time for the better.” -K.G. Woodstock
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