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Spring Break/ Easter

Family dynamics are tricky, but it’s important to appreciate your family’s quirks and treat your time together as a wonderful opportunity to relax and renew, rather as a source of stress.

Whether you’re taking a trip or remaining home for a stay-cation, we’ve put together a few tips on how to prepare and cope. These may just make you the star of Spring Break!


  1. Unplug- decide that you won’t be tied to your device! If work calls, answer, but otherwise, just use your camera to capture moments and that is a great present for Christmas a book of Spring break weather home or on a trip

  2. Be present- set time aside for one on one time with your partner and children

  3. Establish a no tv rule and have maybe a board game time or create something

  4. Find time to spend with each child individually for that special experience of movie time or pedicure or even a walk.

  5. Learn something new like cooking class or bowling oer rollerskating and of course a new batch of slime is always good


  1. Unplug!

  2. Agenda- create an agenda to manage expectations

  3. Don’t over plan- leave time open for family talks, walks and down time

  4. Each adult and giving each child their own time away from siblings and that individual attention is so key to what each child takes away from the trip no everyone likes to hike but others like to shop but done with their individual parent makes it that much more

Congratulations! You’re on your way to an AWESOME Spring Break.

If you find in your post-Spring Break recovery that you and your family are in need of some professional assistance to build a stronger family unit, please call us today to learn more about how our staff can help you today.

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