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Changing the Chatter

Changing the Chatter

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Young girls ages 8 to 14 are at a critical point in their lives. Will they go on to a lifetime of healthy self-reliance? Or is their self-esteem foundation crumbling, sending them on a course toward everything from failed relationships to crushing substance abuse or worse? What if you could tip the scales decisively in their favor? You can! Help the young girl in your life: your daughter, your niece, granddaughter or a child in your care look beyond the mirror for greater self-esteem. Help her find and keep her inner voice, inner strength, inner power, and, finally, to love the incredibly wonderful, uniquely talented person she is. Helping young girls to establish a solid foundation for lifelong self-esteem is author Alicia Marcos Birong's mission, and the subject of her groundbreaking first book, Changing the Chatter: Help Your Daughter Look Beyond the Mirror for Greater Self-Esteem. Birong has a master's degree in counseling and is a certified hypnotherapist with pediatric hypnosis expertise. She's also a certified life coach and served for many years in a variety of Catholic youth ministries. Her breakthrough work with children facing challenges from ADD and ADHD to self-mutilation has garnered her both instructional and speaking roles in school districts and at conferences across the country. Importantly, Birong is the creator and founder of Changing the Chatter: Celebrating ChatterGirls. This five session program provides girls ages 8 to 14 with the tool set they need to cherish the reflection in the mirror, to see and reach beyond the mask, to analyze the chatter playing in their minds, and, as necessary, to change that message. Birong knows that enrolling a girl in Changing the Chatter: Celebrating ChatterGirls is potentially life-altering and world-changing. It is her deepest wish that through sharing the overview of her innovative program and its extraordinary outcomes to date -- and her own deeply personal and compelling reasons for developing it -- Changing the Chatter will become an international movement. Read the book; spread the spark!


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