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What Parents are saying

My daughter just finished her first week of chatter girl camp here in Crystal Lake and absolutely loved it.

I couldn’t be more happy with the tools that she came home with, her enthusiasm, and most of all her new life coach!!”

-Amy Johnson

I cannot believe how beyond blessed we are to have this program for our girls! I would highly recommend this program to anyone with kids, especially girls!

Today, girls need all the self-esteem help they can get with the awful things happening on social media! The skills my daughter learned with Alicia’s ChatterGirls class will help her cope with all the obstacles that she will encounter in life.

I am certain she will be successful with whatever she chooses in life using the techniques learned here.”

- Michelle McArthur Doudou

"Alicia has been the lighthouse of our family since 2014! Because of her we started with a withdrawn insecure 10 year old riddled with anxiety, to a 18 year old looking forward to joining a seniority in her freshman year at FGCU! Thank you Alicia!"

Tonya Berkebile - 2022

What ChatterGirls Are Saying

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