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ChatterGIrls helps young girls recognize the negative chatter in their minds and change it.   Whether you are an afterschool representative, a parent, program director or life coach, this program is available to all girls!
Each session takes you through different  ways to build self confidence, friendship, building positive chatter and more. 
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Course Sessions

Mirror Mirror


Session ONE

Mirror Mirror: Looking in the mirror, what do they see?

What does your daughter see when she looks in the mirror?

Does she see the good you see?

Does she see what others see, keeping all of the negative and stopping herself from being her true unique self?

Does she listen to the negative chatter in her head?

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Woman with a Face Mask

Session 2

Behind the Mask

What do I see?

In this session we talk about the Mask.

The mask is something that keeps your daughter from being the woman she desires.

Psychologists have found that girls, between the ages of 8-14, will have an ongoing struggle if they are not able to find their positive self-esteem. 

Give your daughter the opportunity to come out from behind her mask and be the woman she desires to be.

Chatter girls is a building block to stronger identities for our daughters.

Session 3

Changing the Chatter

Listening to Music

What do I hear?

In Session Three we work on the chatter in our heads. 

We all have chatter in our minds, but as adults, we hope that we can overcome the negative chatter.

During the transition ages, some girls are overwhelmed by the negative thoughts.  They will learn how to move a negative thought to a positive thought and not allow it to control and destroy their self-esteem.

It’s time to strengthen their identity!

Session 4

My Voice

Public Speaker

What do I say? Session 4 is all about finding your voice and using it for good.

It's important that we teach girls how to utilize their voices and thoughts for good. Our voices are a powerful tool to help others, stand up for ourselves and spread kindness.

Every voice deserves to be heard!

Session 5

100% ME

Heart Girl

Acceptance of Me

When we learn to accept our individual uniqueness, we have learned the biggest secret to self confidence. 

We all have unique qualities, hobbies and looks. 

It's time to embrace ourselves 100%!

Some of the additional topics we will cover in the program include:

Friendship • Mean Girls and Bullying  •  Communication Skills  •  Stress  Management  •  Family Conflict  •  Anxiety and Overwhelm  •  Body Image   •  Social Media and Screen Engagement  •  Mindfulness

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