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Viva La Panic!

Wait, that's not right.

When anxiety runs on long enough, it has the ability to turn into a full blown panic attack.

What is the cause? How do we stop it?

We have been talking about anxiety for the month of October. What is it? How do we help our kids through it? How do we handle it as adults?

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What causes anxiety?

There is no one trigger for anxiety. Everyone will experience different triggers and fears. Here are a few of the ways anxiety can affect someone:

  • Sudden change in feelings

  • Unusual withdrawal from activities

  • Not wanting to go to school or social events

  • Not communicating with others

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Sudden bursts of anger

  • Fear of the future

How do we stop it?

Helping ourselves and our kids recognize and stop the anxiety spiral is crucial to living a full and happy life.

So how do we stop the spiral?

  • Keep a daily routine. This helps kids plan for their day.

  • Learn simple breathing techniques to help with focus

  • Quiet time to listen to music or an audio meditation/story.

  • One on one time with kids. This will help them build trust and get out their stresses and fears.

  • Physical Touch - Kids respond well to a hug from mom or dad or maybe high fives from friends or siblings

It is important for kids to be able to find ways to calm their anxiety without always needing someone else present. Create a plan, write it down if that helps them and run through it regularly until they feel confident.

Anxiety and panic attacks are scary for both you and your child, but if you work on your anxiety plan, we can all live better lives.

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